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Reference Constructor (target, tObject)
NamespacesSofu.SofuReferenceReference(String, SofuObject)
Creates a new Reference with target information and a target
Declaration Syntax
public Reference(
	string target,
	SofuObject tObject
target (String)
Way to the target
tObject (SofuObject)
The target itself
Sofu.Sofu.Map mymap = new Sofu.Sofu.Map();
            mymap.SetAttribute("MyList",new Sofu.Sofu.List());
            mymap.SetAttribute("MyRef",new Sofu.Sofu.Reference("someref", mymap.list("MyList")));
            if (mymap.Object("MyRef").IsReference()) {
                Console.Out.WriteLine("MyRef is a Reference");
            if (mymap.Object("MyList").IsList()) {
                Console.Out.WriteLine("MyList is a (real) List");
            if (mymap.Object("MyRef").IsList()) {
                Console.Out.WriteLine("MyRef is also (real) List");
            if (mymap.list("MyRef") == mymap.list("myList")) {
                Console.Out.WriteLine("Both are the same List");
            if (mymap.Object("MyRef") == mymap.Object("myList")) { //note the Object()
                Console.Out.WriteLine("Both are the same Object"); //Won't happen
            else {
                Console.Out.WriteLine("Both aren't the same Object"); //Will happen

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