Sofu for .Net

This library requires at least .Net Framework 2.0 (unless you compile it yourself).
The interface is excatly like the one from SofuD, except two things:

How to get Sofu.Net

Download the latest Sofu.dll with documentation from Sourceforge
Get the latest sources

How to use it

There is quick and easy method for distributing .Net Libraries that I know of, so:
Simply copy the Sofu.dll somewhere, right click on References in your Project Explorer, and add the Sofu.dll in the dialog (under Brows) that comes up when you click "Add References"
Alternatively you can add the sources to your project and select those in the same dialog somewhere

Sofu.Net Examples

Reading a .sofu file and printing the top-level keys and objects to the console

using Sofu.Sofu;
using System.Collections.Generic;

Sofu.Map file = SofuReader.LoadFile("test.sofu");
foreach (KeyValuePair<string,Sofu.SofuObject> entry in file) {
	Console.Out.Write("Key : ");
	Console.Out.Write(", Object : ");

Sofu.Net News

0.2.1 is out now supports binary and SofuML; Documentation updated as well.

Sofu.Net does not support binary sofu as of now, but the next version will

The SofuBrowser is written using the Sofu.Net library and might serve as a reference for using it